Jim Cockrum and his Proven Amazon Course

Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course is one of the best value courses you can invest in if you really want success on Amazon. He has built a successful business himself as a seller as well as encouraging and leading others to the success in harnessing the wealth of opportunity available on Amazon to build multiple income streams.

There are may ways to start to build your new future whether you have nothing available to invest except your time, determination and activity and Jim will give you inspiration and guidance from whatever your starting point is. .

He has built a team of like minded hard working and sincere people around him who can be relied on and trusted to help you make progress.

One thing I particularly like about Jim’s Proven Amazon Course (PAC) is that Jim is continuously develloping new strategies and then creating new courses to teach them. You can buy these new courses as standalone courses but he also will later add these courses free of charge to people who have purchased his umbrella course, PAC. I don’t know anyone else who does that.

Happy New Year to One and All

That was the decade that was.

And so we wish for a new decade where freedom rises from the conflicts and confusions of yesterday to a brighter dawn in a better world.

A new generation faces new challenges to make the world thrive and survive on a better level than we have known before — or even just to maintain existing levels in a bigger world population than the earth has ever had to sustain within living memory or anything an archaeologist can find out about.

We need to build new technologies and develop new businesses to turn our throw away waste in to resources for our survival, to unlock the hidden potential in nature’s forces all around us such as wind and wave power, geothermal heat sources, the carbon capturing possibilities of algae in the oceans, to make climate control ethical.

With these thoughts, I wish you a wonderful decade starting with 2020.

May your dreams come true.

It is a long time coming but the way forward can be worked out taking one step at a time.

There are several different platforms you can use to build an on-line business. They have different strengths and offer different potentials.

What seems to be one of the best and simplest approaches is to start where you are with what you’ve got and go to eBay. Start selling what you have and get a feel for taking a good photograph, writing a good description, finding out how to get your goods to your buyer and how to collect payment.

Ebay is much more forgiving than Amazon so it’s friendlier place to get your feet wet. Just dip your feet in and go for it.

You don’t need to look far for things to sell.

Amazon is massive and driven. So there are plenty of things to learn on your way to success. The do’s and don’t are something you need to find out and pay attention to.

There are a number of successful sellers and a number of different programs out there which you can buy into to get inside tips and guidance on how to start and grow a successful Amazon business.

Some low budget ones pack a great deal of info into a great community with fabulous support and lifetime updates so don’t disregard them because they don’t start out high-priced and think they are low value.

One of the best is the Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum.

Jim is a veteran of sales, both on-line and off-line.

The Truth About Diabetes

There are many ways to conquer a disease and there are many people who are willing to give you their advice and recommendations.

One thing that it is good look at is whether the person who gives you the advice then follows it up with a list of supplements that he has patented for your use to help you best to follow his advice. It can be bona fide, but it can also be a great business model.

The story of diabetes is one such mixture of “healthy advice”and confusing recommendations.
The usual advice is to tell diabetes patients to eat frequent small meals, their basic three main meals and snacks mid morning, mid afternoon, and in the evening while watching TV or after sports at the gym, and even before bed to help you to sleep.

We call the afternoon snack afternoon tea in Britain and it is a sweet, appetising tasty affair with scones, and cakes and sandwiches and pots of sugary tea or big mugs of builders tea, lovely and strong, and a healthy doses of hobnob biscuits or chocolate digestives. Life wouldn’t be the same without these things. Afternoon tea can be served in the best place like fancy hotels in London, charming little cake shops in the quaint country villages or around the green or the football pitch after school where a can of soda and some kind of bar or bag of crisps fills the need of the hungry child.

We used to have elevenses – the mid morning snack of tea and a biscuit – now some of us are more likely to have a sweetened iced tea and a healthy bar, or a creamy smoothie, or just a plain snickers bar or a Kit-Kat biscuit with or without a sandwich or a piece of fruit. In the school yard, it’s the mid morning snack break. It used to be a small bottle of milk and a sandwich or an apple. Now it’s more likely to be a can of soda, a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps.

Then we settle down for the night with a bag or crisps or a bag of sweets or both sometimes, in front of the TV for the soaps, or the tablet for the computer games…..

It is a whole new world created by the food business.

And it is possibly the worst thing a diabetic could do, the worst advice a diabetic could follow.
It changes the whole approach of how to deal with the conditions that go to make the conditions medically lumped together under the label known as diabetes.

And that is something I am going to be writing about over the coming blogs.

What, Fasting!

It’s the newest diet and the best one for you at that.

What’s more it’s simple, fast, cheap and easy to do. No extra meal prep time, no special recipes, No extra shopping, and no washing up after it’s all over.

So, what’s the problem?

None i can see.

It’s the method Dr Jason Fung of Toronto in Canada uses to handle his kidney patients and help them lose weight, recover from diabetes and other conditions

It was a story I stumbled upon by accident, one woman’s story of how she beat and reversed her multiple sclerosis.

And it’s been repeated by others who followed her protocol.

It’s the story of Terry Wahls, a woman, a mother and a doctor, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

As a doctor she was given the best, the most cutting edge treatments in the best clinic in America, which she chose to go to for her own patient care. And as a fellow doctor, she was given the best of the best by other doctors who wanted to hel her.

Terry’s multiple sclerosis progressed despite their best efforts, the conventional therapies, the drugs, the chemotherapy. And one day, she had to confront the fact that she was out on her own. She would have to resolve her medical condition herself… if she could. There were no other options left. While undergoing the different treatments she had received, her MS had gradually progressed to the stage where basically it was downhill from that point on. She was facing a steady decline in her physical health and physical condition, one which would bring her to the point she could no longer work, support her children, and would eventually no longer even be able to care for herself. By this time, she could no longer walk and spent her time in what she calls a horizontal wheel chair.

But what she did have was her medical training and her medical knowledge. So she turned to the internet and the all the research she could find on-line in various websites where doctors and researchers publish their work such as PubMed.

Gradually, after a lot of though and a lot of research, she isolated certain important, key facts relating to Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and some other similar diseases.

From this she worked out a simple key protocol which first arrested her decline and gradually rebuilt her health and her body.

Today, she can walk, unaided, ride her bike for long journeys, ride a horse, enjoy her family life and a full working life.

She has started a clinic to offer treatment to others with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s diesease and other severe degenerative diseases. She has written books about her research and discoveries, the results from following her program, the protocols she evolved and how she worked them out.

Listen to her story here: https://terrywahls.com/

It is motivational, inspiring and can change lives, even save lives.

The Exciting Keto Way of Life

Many people have tried conventional medical and physical fitness approaches to improving their health, well-being and body shape. Jogging, gym memberships, stints on the treadmill, different sports, potions and pills, prescriptions and creams.

Did they get the expected results?

Not always!!

Did they get any results?


And the time goes by. Conditions stay the same …. or even get worse.

One of the hottest health trends is the keto way of eating.

What is it?

Does it work? Is it for me?

The keto way of eating is very simple. It is low on carbs, moderate on protein and high on fat.

Many of use are used to eating a good portion of carbohydrates and sugar daily: we get it from bread, pastries, cakes, wraps, rice, potatoes, wine and beer, soft drinks and sodas, the sugar in our tea and coffee; the sweets, crisps, bars and chocolates we snack on, give as gifts and give our children to take to school.

Despite how used to carbs that we have become, carbohydrate is not essential in the same way that certain proteins and fats are for the good health of our bodies. We need the proteins and fats to build cells, nerves, muscles, to make our nails strong and our skin soft and our hair

When we skip the carbohydrate, the body uses up the supplies of sugar it has stored and then it switches to an alternate fuel made from fat. When that change takes place, our bodies start burning our fat reserves.This state is called ketosis and the fate fuel are refered to as ketones.

When a body starts producing ketones and using up its fat reserves, we lose weight. Depending on where that fat is stored, it can have some very amazing health benefits. For example when it is stored in the liver or the pancreas. Excess fat stored in these organs can produce many bad side effects and appears to contribute to diabetes.

How low to go on the carbs is an individual choice. Some people restrict carbs to simply skipping the bread, potatoes, rice, cereals, waffles, pancakes, biscuits, cakes, sweets and sugar. The white stuff!! They also skip the low-fat versions of things like yoghourt, “lite” cheeses, and lean cuts of meat. Instead, they enjoy full fat milk, thick double cream, crispy skin on their chicken, the fat on their bacon and good oil dressings on their salads, real mayonnaise

They feel better for it, have more energy, maintain their weight or lose both weight and inches as well as other unwanted conditions.

Some people limit their carbs much more strictly from 50-100 grams per day, or lower from 20-50 grams per day or even lower to less than 20 grams per day. It depends how healthy you are and how much weight you might want to lose.

The simple rule of thumb if you want to have a maximum of 20 grams per day of carbs is to eat your proteins and fats which are usually very low on carbs, and restrict your vegetables to those that grow above the ground. As fruit has sugar in it, it’s only an occasional treat of low carb berries. There are a lot of options left to make delicious meals from a wide variety of plants and vegetables, including kale, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, avocado, celery, turnip, celeriac, fennel, cavolo nero, courgettes, cucumber, peppers, radishes, lettuce, various leafy greens and salad stuffs like spinach, rocket, water cress, beet leaves, savoury, lambs lettuce. Most herbs and spices also have very few carbs and can transform a dish. Herbs like dill, parsley, coriander, and spices like chilli, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon can make the same dish different each day.
As most fish, meat and cheese have no or very few carbs, there is a lot of choice and these can be eaten freely within moderate amounts!

People have followed these principles and found they reversed conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood sugar issues, dry skin, eczema, skin tags to mention some of them.

So, is it for me?

You can research for yourself and find out more about the amazing transformations following a ketogenic diet has made in thousands of peoples lives. It becomes a way of life, more than a diet.

Korean Drama “Dong Yi” Steals My Heart

It’s an epic story from a far away country and a time long ago.

But it tells of eternal truths, a legendary love that defied ancient tradition and deadly enemies and still inspires a nation. It tells a tale of love and hate, of honour, integrity and courage, of vicious intrigue and violent death in a world where people learn to smile at father murderers and sit with back stabbers.

And all set in the painted beauty of Korean palaces with their ancient, curving roof tops, wooden trellis panels, sliding doors and carved stone sculptures; court ladies who float in and out of scenes in long, elegant dresses all awhile the men, dressed in long flowing silk jackets over their trousers and high black horse hair hats covering their top knots, defend their territories, protect their loved ones and fight for freedom or for power.

The story of Dong Yi is based loosely on the lives of people who really lived in the times of the Joseon dynasty in Korea under the King, Sukjong, around the end of the seventeenth century. It is the story of a girl who rose from the lowest rank to become favourite concubine of the king, the most powerful ladies of the court despite her lowly start in life and the mother of the next King of Korea, a king who was exceptional in his time.

This story is told beautifully. It is fictionalised because little actual detail of these character’s lives was recorded at the time. Even so, many of the details of daily life, the landscape and culture are authentic. They are backed up by some amazing martial arts fights, elaborate court music scenes played on traditional Korean instruments, with entertaining dance displays from the palace dancing girls.

It is a story of freedom fighters, fighting back against oppression and evil, against injustice and the final triumph of good over evil.

Yet it is done with honour, without vicarious violence or soft porn love scences. All the more commendable!

It is a television series of 60 episodes, yet it is so gripping just through the skillful drama and story telling of the scriptwriter and director that many people who watched it could not stop until they had watched all 60 episodes. And quite a few went back to the beginning and have watched it over and over again.

It is a series that never stops giving from the incredible acting of Han Hyo-Joo as the legendary Dong Yi and Ji Jin-Hee as King Sukjong.

It is a surprising find on YouTube where you can find all 60 episodes with English subtitles or find on Netflix.

i wish you many hours of delightful viewing, tears and laughter and moments of beauty.

There is a doctor who herself had an illness,

Her illness was diagnosed as multiple sclerosis.

Because she was a doctor in a large hospital which specialised in multiple scleroris, she herself was in the position to receive all the best, the most modern treatments available for this disease in America.

Her physical condition continued to degerate till one day, her doctors warned her that she would soon be at the point of no return. She knew what this would mean. She would no longer be able to work to support herself or her young children, she would not be able to afford more medical care and eventually she would not even be able to look after herself physically.

Her situation was desperate.

Using her rmedical knowledge, she looked into all the medical research papers she could find to learn about her condition.

What happened next?

Ketogenic Way of Life Revisited

There are a lot ideas about ketogenic diets: what it is and what it isn’t, whether it is good for you or whether it should be avoided.

The best explanation of what it is and how to follow the ketogenic diet is found here in this article by Dr Eric Berg. https://www.drberg.com/blog-article/ketogenic-diet-plan

Dr Berg has been helping people lose weight and has become expert in working with his patients using ketosis as the most effective way to go about this. He himself practices what he tells others so he knows what it feels like and what are the pitfalls you can run into on your journey.

It is a radical approach to health and well-being.

People he has coached in their journey back to health have shed kilos of weight, lost belly fat, resolved major health issues such as diabetes, adrenal burnout, high blood pressure, heart conditions, fatty liver and other hormone related health conditions. Many look younger and feel better. They have loads more energy and many lost chronic pain in joints such as knee pain, neck and shoulder pain, even migraines.

Imagine doing all of that without hunger! without pills or medicines, enjoying tasty meals and nourishing food and maybe even saving money in the process….

There is a wealth of knowledge in his free mini-courses. You can learn how insulin resistance develops and then ruins your face and your figure. https://www.drberg.com/

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