One of the simplest ways to create success is to find someone who is successful and copy and learn from them. In a new field of opportunity such as we have now with the internet, there are individuals who have gone on to achieve stellar success. An examination of what they did and how they did it will give insights that can lead others to success by inspiration, information and example. This can be at a distance through books or word of mouth–and as as result, is diluted and second hand. Sometimes one comes upon an opportunity to learn directly from a successful source. Such an opportunity is to be grabbed and utilised to its fullest.

Such an opportunity is available now with John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success program. John has recently opened the doors to his special training program in which he personally takes the members of his program through the steps he followed to achieve his own resounding success on line as an internet marketer, producing his own information products.

John’s story is simple. He worked in a car factory. When the internet came along, he saw that this provided him with the opportunity to get of the trap he was in. He went for it, and worked at it relentlessly till he had changed his life, quit the day job and moved on to a better life.

It took hard work and persistence. It took time. It took self-discipline.
It was fun; it was financially rewarding; it was fulfilling.

Now John helps other people achieve new skills and better lives through on-line training and personal mentoring he provides, one on one and in group situations such as weekly webinars where he takes you behind the scenes in his own on-line business.
He’s been there — so he knows how bad it can be and how good it can get and he can help you.