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One of the things I find useful about my D9 Hosting is the facility to host unlimited domains on my account. It presents an opportunity to set up a number of minisites for flipping later. It also makes it easier to work on more than one income stream and area of interest knowing that all my hosting needs are taken care of in one location at one time, with one billing and with a company that I can rely on and trust.

Let’s say you have an interest in the health field, or cooking, and weight loss. Very popular subjects but not quite the same as Internet Marketing. To put it on your main domain risks confusion and inconsistency. Some skinny, city-living, geeky internet marketer happy with pizza take away and a soft drink at every meal won’t be inspired by your favourite low calorie recipe or a rave about 10 health benefits of raw honey from the local bee farm.  Another person with a passion for photography and mega expertise about cameras can go full blast in great detail about the fine differences between special features of different ranges and give real advice and useful insight to others, while enjoying their passion– and gain affiliate income at the same time.

Being able to set up a number domains and blogs is one way of testing different income streams to find those that deliver something that people need and want and are interesting, satisfying and remunerative to work on. Tweaking them as you go, without having to make a big outlay each time you set up a new one, is definitely the way to go and opens the door to more opportunities for success.

What do you think? What other areas interest you?

Look forward to hearing from you.




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