There are a lot ideas about ketogenic diets: what it is and what it isn’t, whether it is good for you or whether it should be avoided.

The best explanation of what it is and how to follow the ketogenic diet is found here in this article by Dr Eric Berg.

Dr Berg has been helping people lose weight and has become expert in working with his patients using ketosis as the most effective way to go about this. He himself practices what he tells others so he knows what it feels like and what are the pitfalls you can run into on your journey.

It is a radical approach to health and well-being.

People he has coached in their journey back to health have shed kilos of weight, lost belly fat, resolved major health issues such as diabetes, adrenal burnout, high blood pressure, heart conditions, fatty liver and other hormone related health conditions. Many look younger and feel better. They have loads more energy and many lost chronic pain in joints such as knee pain, neck and shoulder pain, even migraines.

Imagine doing all of that without hunger! without pills or medicines, enjoying tasty meals and nourishing food and maybe even saving money in the process….

There is a wealth of knowledge in his free mini-courses. You can learn how insulin resistance develops and then ruins your face and your figure.