It was a story I stumbled upon by accident, one woman’s story of how she beat and reversed her multiple sclerosis.

And it’s been repeated by others who followed her protocol.

It’s the story of Terry Wahls, a woman, a mother and a doctor, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

As a doctor she was given the best, the most cutting edge treatments in the best clinic in America, which she chose to go to for her own patient care. And as a fellow doctor, she was given the best of the best by other doctors who wanted to hel her.

Terry’s multiple sclerosis progressed despite their best efforts, the conventional therapies, the drugs, the chemotherapy. And one day, she had to confront the fact that she was out on her own. She would have to resolve her medical condition herself… if she could. There were no other options left. While undergoing the different treatments she had received, her MS had gradually progressed to the stage where basically it was downhill from that point on. She was facing a steady decline in her physical health and physical condition, one which would bring her to the point she could no longer work, support her children, and would eventually no longer even be able to care for herself. By this time, she could no longer walk and spent her time in what she calls a horizontal wheel chair.

But what she did have was her medical training and her medical knowledge. So she turned to the internet and the all the research she could find on-line in various websites where doctors and researchers publish their work such as PubMed.

Gradually, after a lot of though and a lot of research, she isolated certain important, key facts relating to Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and some other similar diseases.

From this she worked out a simple key protocol which first arrested her decline and gradually rebuilt her health and her body.

Today, she can walk, unaided, ride her bike for long journeys, ride a horse, enjoy her family life and a full working life.

She has started a clinic to offer treatment to others with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s diesease and other severe degenerative diseases. She has written books about her research and discoveries, the results from following her program, the protocols she evolved and how she worked them out.

Listen to her story here:

It is motivational, inspiring and can change lives, even save lives.