One of the easiest ways to get started on a home business is by writing.

The economics of it require minimal outlay in the beginning. You don’t need to buy stock, pay for storage, transport, postage or worry about selling. You can pick it up and put it down around your ongoing activities, while you build up a network of connections and contacts and make yourself known.

What to write about depends on what you are interested in and what you can research from scratch. For example, some people are interested in fashion, beauty, skin care, cosmetics and hair care, perfume and accessories.

Whereas another person might be interested in cars, their engines and specifications, makes and models, vintage and classic cars versus prototypes andthe latest model with this years must-have show room gadget.

If you are a lover of boats, or cookery and kitchens, fishing or dogs, medieval painting or photography, write about your passion with all the passion and flair you can muster.

One lady in the wilds of Canada was building a log cabin. She worked in the day time and wrote about her activities in the evening, putting on line the information about how she and her husband had built their home, their plans, the pitfualls, drawing and diagrams of what worked and what didn’t. It started out as something relaxing and personal and turned into a go-to site visited by people from all over the world, and became worth millions.

From little acorns big oak trees can grow.