Human Trafficking is one of the most serious abuses of the modern world.

Human trafficking — for modern slavery, sex trafficking. for child pornography and pedophilia, and for organ harvesting, is the second most lucrative black market after drugs. At its current rate of expansion, it will soon supercede even drugs trafficking. It has long been known about in certain spheres. But is not a topic widely discussed in the mainstream media. It affects societies at too many levels and too many levels are involved.

A recent telelevision series called “McMafia” gave a fictionalised account how the business model works. And a business model it is indeed. One of the major changes in this type of black market activity is the sophisticated way that has developed into a highly professional, highly co-ordinated, well planned operation working on global scale. It shows how the criminal activity stretches around the world, on a kind of franchise model, involving players from around the world. London, Moscow, South America, Israel, India.

The television series was inspired by a book called McMafia: A Journey Through the Global Criminal Underworld by journalist Misha Glenny. While it is fictionalised, it is based on hard hitting factual research.
One of the hallmarks of the Trump presidency is President Trump’s intention to end human trafficking, particularly child trafficking. To that end, he has signed many Executive Orders and taken effective action both within the United States of America and in co-operation with other agencies and governments of other countries around the world.

Over the last few years, we have many more arrests of pedophile rings and criminal rings. Under the lockdown restrictions caused by Covid-19 around the world, there have opportunities for law enforcement agencies around the world to take action and catch criminal groups in countries as diverse as Germany, Australia, England, and USA. Key players have been taken out.