Talking to a new person the other day, the conversation came round to Bannockburn. For some people, it is unknown, and yet for Scotland, it is a place of historic significance– the place where Scotland came together to be a nation and rise up, united by a common purpose, to face and to fight against an external suppression and tyranny from another, neighbouring country. At that time, it was a battle against England.

Now, at that time, it was a tough and important turning point in the lives of the Scottish people. The story is much glamourised in the Hollywood film of “Braveheart”. Yet the important essentials of the story are still true. And it is a story which captured the imaginations of people all around the world when the film version was released.

Yet today, we have our battles against tyranny and oppression. Perhaps less physically violent than the Battle of Bannockburn was in 1314.

Now, it is a war of ideas fought in the media and the minds of men for the ownership or freedom of the internet.