There are many ways to conquer a disease and there are many people who are willing to give you their advice and recommendations.

One thing that it is good look at is whether the person who gives you the advice then follows it up with a list of supplements that he has patented for your use to help you best to follow his advice. It can be bona fide, but it can also be a great business model.

The story of diabetes is one such mixture of “healthy advice”and confusing recommendations.
The usual advice is to tell diabetes patients to eat frequent small meals, their basic three main meals and snacks mid morning, mid afternoon, and in the evening while watching TV or after sports at the gym, and even before bed to help you to sleep.

We call the afternoon snack afternoon tea in Britain and it is a sweet, appetising tasty affair with scones, and cakes and sandwiches and pots of sugary tea or big mugs of builders tea, lovely and strong, and a healthy doses of hobnob biscuits or chocolate digestives. Life wouldn’t be the same without these things. Afternoon tea can be served in the best place like fancy hotels in London, charming little cake shops in the quaint country villages or around the green or the football pitch after school where a can of soda and some kind of bar or bag of crisps fills the need of the hungry child.

We used to have elevenses – the mid morning snack of tea and a biscuit – now some of us are more likely to have a sweetened iced tea and a healthy bar, or a creamy smoothie, or just a plain snickers bar or a Kit-Kat biscuit with or without a sandwich or a piece of fruit. In the school yard, it’s the mid morning snack break. It used to be a small bottle of milk and a sandwich or an apple. Now it’s more likely to be a can of soda, a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps.

Then we settle down for the night with a bag or crisps or a bag of sweets or both sometimes, in front of the TV for the soaps, or the tablet for the computer games…..

It is a whole new world created by the food business.

And it is possibly the worst thing a diabetic could do, the worst advice a diabetic could follow.
It changes the whole approach of how to deal with the conditions that go to make the conditions medically lumped together under the label known as diabetes.

And that is something I am going to be writing about over the coming blogs.