Welcome to 2019. What do you want to achieve this year.

This is the month of gym memberships, great plans, enthusiastic work-outs.

After the mellow memories of flavoursome Christmas have flown, with the budget battered to bits, we look to the hard world of weary work outs, with early morning starts or late finishes, hoping to whittle away inches from the waist — but not from the bank balance.

So how to do this?

Salads and snow don’t sit well together. Never have done, never will. A cold lunch on a cold day brings cold comfort to the chilled soul on a grey January day.

This is the time for hot, steaming comfort food: pies and pasties, baked potatoes and cheese, thick bowls of soup, hearty stews with dumplings, warm bread straight from the oven, dripping with butter. Things that stick to your ribs and keep you warm. The winds outside can blow cold and hard from the north but on the inside, you stay warm and cosy.

But what if you pushed your waistband beyond the limit over Christmas?

Eating ketogenic will keep you fit, lose you inches, feed your face and trim your figure.

What’s not to love?

We’ll look at this more in future posts.