One of the important elements to becoming successful in any direction we have chosen is our focus.

There are many things we can do to occupy our activities and time as we try to move forward. Sometimes it’s something we find interesting, Sometimes, some of the jobs are boring but may be necessary to get done.

After the bare bones are in place, it may be the fluff on top that pads it out and makes it really enjoyable to the visitor to our site.

As I write this, the cat has come to tell me whatever I am doing just now, is way down her priority list . So viewpoint also has something to do with it too.

One of the ways of simplifying the choice to limit yourself to your market, at least at first. That way it’s possible to retain you focus and not get dispersed

That way, you can get very familiar with this market, and develop more ways to reach it, offer more services and products to it, more ways to contact it as you understand the people in it and what they need and want.

With success in this area, you can build on your past success by adding in one new thing at a time.

One of the best programs I have come across to date is Income Steps Academy by Sara Young.

Sara was a busy stay at home mum with 7 children so her time and resources at the beginning were very limited. However, she gradually built herself a 6 figure on-line income starting with little steps in short time slots around her busy family life and free resources. As she made progress and added on more things using the above formula, her range and volume expanded.

In Income Steps Academy she teaches you what she has learned so that you can also build an online income. Using a simple step by step approach arranged in short time slots using mostly free resources, she shows others how to build a profitable and interesting business in potentially any niche.