As we move forward in time, having wavered from the group of countries known as the European Union, there may be some circumstances we will need to suffer through in order to move onwards and upwards. The British people feel strongly about control, in particular being controlled by others. And the urge to Freedom is universal. So with that in mind, the majority of Brits decided that we should leave the European Union.

At the end of the day, it is trade that makes the world go round. The Romans founded an empire on trade around the Mediterranean. The Vikings travelled and traded all around the Baltic, the Middle East, the Atlantic sea board and the North Sea, even into the Middle East.

Marco Polo made his way to the East and back, bringing tales of fabulous wealth, of new materials and spices and exotically different cultures all the way to China through Persia and the other lands of the Silk Road. And with this trade in silks and china, spices and precious jewels, came back ideas from the philosophers of Greece recorded by the Arabic thinkers and knowledge developed by mathematicians of the Middle East creating what became known as the Renaissance in Italy and the rest of Europe.

Great Britain in past centuries traded by sea all over the known world from 1600′s onward and explored and discovered other unknown worlds, along with Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese explorers who found sea routes to the Americas, both north and south, to the West Indies, to Africa, India, to Australia and New Zealand and the many different lands and islands of the Far East.

Whatever happens, people will still need and want to do business and trade whatever services and products they can produce and deliver, and want to exchange them with other nations and cultures in other parts of the world. Sane people will come to agreements that permit this. Sane governments and politicians will work it out so this can still occur as we still depend on each other buying and selling our goods and services — for our future survival is mutual and interdependent.