The Way to Go — Printables

One of the most exciting ways of setting up an extra income stream is through Printables.

It’s not something that will appeal to everyone. But if you are a visual person and like working with images, it’s an endlessly fascinating and varied way of splurging on your creativity while producing simple and easy-to-monetize products.

The options are so many and so different, from helping home schooling parents with maths worksheets or science fun facts, to adult colouring sheets, to useful journals and calendars, to information sheets.

Getting started is easy if you have a computer or laptop and a printer-scanner. it doesn’t require a lot of other equipment. You don’t need to buy inventory.

If you want to, you can make your product a physical product or you make it downloadable PDF file and which your customer can access as soon as they have paid for it. They download it on their own printer or laptop and off they go.

It’s even possible to produce interactive PDF’s which increases the ease of customer use. For example, a maths worksheet, which saves the stressed parent from having to go out and buy more ink before their child can do the school homework. It was an issue for some parents in the recent school closures keeping up with the amount of ink needed to keep their family going with all the homework sent from school.

A recent development in the laws relating to copyright and public domain has freed up a lot of content which was previously protected, making it available for use. The length of time copyright of material lasts varies slightly from country to country, the US and the UK have different amounts of protection for works produced in these two English speaking countries. However, there are huge amounts of “new” material became available in the US in 2020. And more will come each year from now on as the copyright period expires.

Another factor is that a huge amount of material which was previously only accessible in physical locations to view physically such as libraries or museums, has now been digitised and put on line. Some of this is only available for personal use or educational and research purposes, not commercial use. Some is freely available. So you would need to be sure what the terms and conditions of this newly published material were as some sources copyright their digital work to protect it.

This gives two additional ways that the resources have been expanded. Before lockdowns and social restrictions put a stop to traveling and socialising, many people looked forward to week-end trips to these special locations where they could see precious objects and paintings like those you find in the British Museum or the National Gallery, or holidays visiting family-friendly fantasy worlds like Disney Land or Universal Studios or Madame Tussauds.

Now you can bring them to people!

Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health

If there is one thing that we need in this year of confusion, it is a good stable datum we can trust.

Production is the basis of morale. When people are stuck at home, unable to work, their production drops and with it their sense of pride, of worth and their confidence in themselves.

The world has been turned into a dangerous environment where fear and uncertainty dominate the airwaves and the conversations of all around the world.

Turn to the those things that can provide answers. There is peace and knowledge to be found in this book beyond anything known on earth. Don’t take my word for it. Read the book.


by L. Ron Hubbard

2020 Comes to a Close

It has been a year like no other within living memory.

Life as we used to know it has become manipulated by interests far from home and people far from our daily lives, by media who spin a yarn as fantastical as the fairy stories of our childhood, peopled by wicked monsters and invisible dangers that would eat us all up, in a moment, if we dared to breathe or go outside to dance for joy in the sunshine and hug a child or loved one.

In this time of tribulation and stress, people’s thoughts have turned in different directions as they clung to hope and each other, wherever possible, whenever possible, as much as possible

It feels that we are at a turning point.

Some talk about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Some saw significance in the rare conjunction of the Saturn and Jupiter around the time of the solstice, with the moon and Venus in close proximity, a reminder of the Star of Bethlehem, which was said to have shone illuminating the birth of Christ. We need a beacon of hope and life, an uplifting message that inspires our better self and gives a way forward into 2021, where life is victorious, overwhelming the darkness, disorder and dismay of 2020.

As we look forward and move forward, let it be into warmth and friendship of a better year for one and all.

How Would You Like A Free Website?

There are a lot of different ways of setting up an independent income stream. And in these strange times, many people are turning to the internet to find ways to bring in some more income and give themselves more certainty and stability.

What if you’ve never done this before? What if you’re one of the people who grew up before the world went device mad and screen obsessed?

Well there are ways to get started taking simple steps that don’t cost the earth and need you to cut off your right hand to get going.

And three are honest, sincere people out there who started from nowhere and nothing, who have been where you are and who know the needs of not knowing where to go to get out of the trap.

John Thornhill is such a man. I’ve known him for 10 years and watched him build his business. He believes in helping people and giving.

John and his partner, Dave Nicholson, offer a unique place to start.

Each month they give away a free webiste. You can download it for free. They have given you an opportunity to make a start. I quote from their webiste.

“Free Monthly Websites has been one of the leading providers of FREE websites for over TEN YEARS, with over 50,000 people taking advantage of the free website we have offered each and every month. These websites are content rich, cash generating websites that earn you affiliate commissions from multiple affiliate sources.

“So we like to think of this as win, win for everyone, we give you awesome websites that can earn you money, and we earn a little for some of the products you sell via these websites. We feel this is the perfect business setup. So now you know!…

“So now all that’s left for you to do is check out what we can do for YOU. Remember, we will supply you with a FREE, content rich website each and every month, and all you have to do is sign up for FREE below to get yours.
“So we’re giving you the site, instructions how to get the site up and running and we’re also showing you how to drive all the traffic you could possibly need. All 100% FREE!”

If you want to know more, i will post the links so you can find out and take a look for yourself.

Solutions for Human Slavery and Child Trafficking

Haiti is a small nation which has been devastated about 10 years ago by a terrible earthquake. Thousands of people were left homeless, families lost parents and children across all generations, homes were destroyed and businesses wiped out. In a nation that was already poor such an event is a catastrophe.

Hospitals, telecommunications centres, water supplies, shelter are all badly affected in such events. Recovery is already hard but when surrounded by ocean on all sides and the whole community is affected, finding resources to bring about improvement is doubly difficult.

With no infrastructure to start the recovery, outside help was needed esoecially while people were still in shock from the terrifying experience of the strong earthquake and the lost of livelihoods, loved ones and basic necessities for survival. After a server earthquake, the aftershocks go on for days and days. They can be as strong as a new earthquake, bringing more fear to the survivors and any fresh damage to those few structures still standing.

Humanitarian aid poured in from around the world, to help the people of Haiti recover from this devastating event. Private individuals donated small amounts to charities and relief organisations, while some larger companies and organisations gave greatly of time, personnel and medical supplies, food and clothing and urgently needed materials. The mainstream volunteer groups and charities like the Red Cross, Save The Children, Medecins Sans Frontier were there. Other international bodies such as the United Nations, the World Health Organisation assisted. Some nations such as Cuba sent over 200 doctors. Larger nations such as USA or the EU gave more in the way of support, funds, personnel and supplies. Many famous celebrities made large personal donations while many governments also contributed financially. John Travolta personally flew his private plane bringing 6 tons of food and medical supplies, along with medical personnel and ministers.

But in the midst of all the confusion it was found that some unscrupulous people took advantage of the disorder and distress to exploit the situation. They used it to abduct children for their child trafficking ends. These stories are covered elsewhere, shocking as it may seek, child traffickers used the opportunity to smuggle children out of the country.

So what can be done about it?

Operation Toussaint tells the story of how one man, Tim Ballard, became involved in people smuggling. He went to Haiti to investigate and save children who were being trafficked. Tim started an organisation called the The Underground Railway.

Another person’s answer was to educate people about Human Rights.

After World War II, the united Nations put together a document called the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Its purpose was to help prevent further outbreaks of war and injustice, to better conditions around the world.
Dr Mary Shuttleworth took this Universal Declaration of Human Rights. She travel the world lecturing and teaching people about their rights.

You can find out more here.

Modern Day Slavery

Human Trafficking is one of the most serious abuses of the modern world.

Human trafficking — for modern slavery, sex trafficking. for child pornography and pedophilia, and for organ harvesting, is the second most lucrative black market after drugs. At its current rate of expansion, it will soon supercede even drugs trafficking. It has long been known about in certain spheres. But is not a topic widely discussed in the mainstream media. It affects societies at too many levels and too many levels are involved.

A recent telelevision series called “McMafia” gave a fictionalised account how the business model works. And a business model it is indeed. One of the major changes in this type of black market activity is the sophisticated way that has developed into a highly professional, highly co-ordinated, well planned operation working on global scale. It shows how the criminal activity stretches around the world, on a kind of franchise model, involving players from around the world. London, Moscow, South America, Israel, India.

The television series was inspired by a book called McMafia: A Journey Through the Global Criminal Underworld by journalist Misha Glenny. While it is fictionalised, it is based on hard hitting factual research.
One of the hallmarks of the Trump presidency is President Trump’s intention to end human trafficking, particularly child trafficking. To that end, he has signed many Executive Orders and taken effective action both within the United States of America and in co-operation with other agencies and governments of other countries around the world.

Over the last few years, we have many more arrests of pedophile rings and criminal rings. Under the lockdown restrictions caused by Covid-19 around the world, there have opportunities for law enforcement agencies around the world to take action and catch criminal groups in countries as diverse as Germany, Australia, England, and USA. Key players have been taken out.

We live in crazy times.

For many of us, during lockdown, whatever part of the world we live in, we have had time on our hands in ways we never had before while busy earning a living, looking after the family, the job, meeting friends, worrying about things, shopping for clothes or not, depending on our budget. We have had to live quietly at home. No more gym, movies, date nights in restaurants or pubs, meet ups for coffee, play time with the kids in the park with their friends, church services and church socials or clubs and hobbies.

Amazing things came to our view. The water in the canals in Venice ran clear. Silvery fish darted here and there; dolphins swam in water where only gondolas went before.

You could hear the birds in the silence of the traffic that ran no more. The air pollution over northern Italy disappeared off the maps.

People panicked over toilet paper. Tins of sardines were rationed. Flour became more valuable than gold dust.

But as people sat at home and turned to the internet, they discovered another world hidden away behind the glossy view of glamour and glory in Hollywood, the high flyers and powerful.

Human Trafficking.

July 30 is World Day Against Human Trafficking.

What does this mean to you?

There have been a number of different Amazon courses over the last few years, one of them both high profile and high ticket,

There is another one though, that i purchased. It’s called the Proven Amazon Course put together by Jim Cockrum, internet entrepreneur and business man, best-selling author and a sincere and honest man.

I signed up for the course Jim offered and I haven’t regretted it. His is value for money. It’s not some quick brief handful of pages, full of out-of-date information. Jim exchanged in abundance. You get his Amazon selling course. And then some.

Jim adds all his new courses for free to this master course so as he develops new strategies with partners or sees new opportunities as conditions change, he makes this information available to you as well. People have paid for these individual courses by themselves when they first come out, or you can wait till they are added into the Proven Amazon Course in due course.

There is also a wonderful Facebook group where members can ask questions and there are many people with experience who will help out with their know-how as well as friendly and supportive advice. For those who want it there is the possibility of paid coaching from a team of coaches who have proven success.

And the brilliant thing is that it is scalable. So if you just need some extra income to pay for some treats for you or your family, or if you want to build it up to be your main source of income and be your own boss, or even build up a larger sized business, you will find all the ingredients here that you need.

Iodine — Could Be The Best Antiviral Agent

There are many fears about the coronavirus pandemic affecting so many countries in the world at this time.
While exploring Google for information about how to help keep myself and loved ones safe at this time, i found the following information written by a Dr Derry.

“Iodine is by far the best antibiotic,antiviral and antiseptic of all time.”
Dr. David Derry

The antiseptic properties of iodine are used to sterilize every surface and material in
hospitals. Iodine is an excellent microbicide with a broad range of action that includes almost
all of the important health-related microorganisms, such as enteric bacteria, enteric viruses,
bacterial viruses, fungi and protozoan cysts.v[v] The minimum number of iodine molecules
required to destroy one bacterium varies with the species. For H. influenzae it was calculated
to be 15000 molecules of iodine per cell. When bacteria are treated with iodine, the inorganic
phosphate up-take and oxygen consumption by the cells immediately ceases. vi[vi]
Though iodine kills all single celled organisms such as these it is not exploited for internal
use by modern day physicians to combat internal infections, which of course is a great
mistake. Dr. Derry says iodine is effective “for standard pathogens such as Staphylococcus,
but also iodine has the broadest range of action, fewest side effects and no development of
bacterial resistance.” Some doctors have reported that it is excellent for the trearment for

“Iodine is able to penetrate quickly through the cell walls of microorganisms.”

Iodine is a deadly enemy of single cell microorganisms thus it can be our best friend. Iodine
was not available to these life forms at the beginning of evolution and it was not until
seaweed concentrated it did it become involved in higher life forms. It is for this reason that
the simplest level of life cannot tolerate iodine.

Iodine kills single celled organisms by combining with the amino acids tyrosine or histidine when they are exposed to the extracellular environment. All single cells showing tyrosine on their outer cell membranes are
killed instantly by a simple chemical reaction with iodine that denatures proteins. Nature and
evolution have given us an important mechanism to control pathogenic life forms and we
should use it and trust it to protect us in ways that antibiotics can’t. As we shall see directly
below, so powerful is iodine in a protective sense that it also helps us rid the body, not only of
harmful chemicals and heavy metals, but also rids the body of abnormal cells meaning it
qualifies as an anticancer agent.

Elemental iodine is a potent germicide with a wide spectrum of activity and low toxicity to
tissues. A solution containing 50 ppm iodine kills bacteria in 1 min and spores in 15 min. It is
poorly soluble in water but readily dissolves in ethanol, which enhances its antibacterial
activity. Iodine tincture contains 2% iodine and 2.4% sodium iodide (NaI) dissolved in 50%
ethanol; it is used as a skin disinfectant. Strong iodine tincture contains 7% iodine and 5%
potassium iodide (KI) dissolved in 95% ethanol; it is more potent but also more irritating than
tincture of iodine. Iodine solution contains 2% iodine and 2.4% NaI dissolved in aqueous
solution; it is used as a nonirritant antiseptic on wounds and abrasions. Strong iodine solution
(Lugol’s solution) contains 5% iodine and 10% KI in aqueous solution.

So this information could help you with an additional tool to help you combat the coronavirus.

Wishing you good health and keep safe.

How to Get Started Online

One of the most consistent and well regarded internet marketers is Jim Cockrum. He is the author of several books and courses and different programs for making an independent living on line.

One of his earliest books is his famous “Silent Sales Machine” which has been updated and kept fresh and relevant. It is now in its 10th version.

Jim himself successfully lives the life of an online business man making an abundant living from multiple income streams on mutliple platform, including eBay and Amazon, from home, all while living the internet life-style at home with his wife and 5 children who are home-schooled.

So Jim Cockrum knows what he is talking about from personal experience. With his work ethic and desire to help others succeed, he gains huge satisfaction from helping others also achieve their freedom to pursue their own goals, give back to their communities and help others.

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