The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts

It’s a wonderful place where a person can learn traditional arts and learn them from true professionals who can do what they teach. The  School was founded in 2004 by HRH The Prince of Wales as one of his core charities.

The Prince’s School was established on the work of Professor Keith Critchlow who pioneered a teaching programme in 1984, at the Royal College of Art, based on the practice of, and research into, the traditional arts.

The Prince’s School recently started offering an Open Program to the general public who may enrol for short periods of training with some of their wonderful tutors.

Courses are arranged to be accessible for the working person by being held on week-ends or mid week evenings or for the period of a one week so it can be fitted into a holiday. During the summer months, by custom a holiday period, some of the short courses are again on offer. There are also one day taster courses providing an introduction to various disciplines and subjects.

The work is exquisite and the tutors are masters of their techniques. So, the teaching is demonstrated by professional example. The coaching is precise and exact and as the classes are small, the attention is personalised and sufficient to make real progress while learning the basic simple techniques and how to perform them within a short period of time.

Courses on offer include Oil Painting: Methods and Materials, The Flemish Technique – The mixed method of tempera and oil paint, courses on Gilding, Medieval Illuminated Manuscript, Ikon painting according to the Russian school, Persian and Indian miniatures, and Celtic Design. There are also applied arts such as parquetry, stained glass window, natural dyes, weaving, knotting, ceramics, including tiles as produced in different schools such as Zillij (Moroccan Ceramic tiles) Iznik (Ottoman Ceramic Design).

Geometry is a fundamental to much of the training and so several courses on geometry are available and form part of some of the tasters.

This is a unique opportunity to learn true methods and tested techniques from people who are devoted to the study of their subjects and excellent in their own professional accomplishments and high quality standards. It preserves these skills and this knowledge which was becoming lost to future generations, now, before it is too late and gone forever.

The eBook University

Came across something different today. It’s called eBook University and is the inspiration of Phil Gosling.

Phil has a wealth of experience in making success in the home publishing world. It started 20 years ago, in his own words when “I found myself with no job, no usable qualifications, a serious health condition, two small mouths and a very large mortgage to feed”.

When he started out, in the days before the internet came into existence, this meant writing his book, then then getting his book printed on paper in order to publish and distribute them. A costly process.

Today, anyone can sit at home, or at the beach, or in the garden, or on trip and write an ebook, and distribute it to a worldwide audience for a fraction of the effort of handling a physical product and little or no costs.

And this is what Phil will show you how to do successfully, so you can leverage this to make some extra income or build it up to a full life-support system for you financially, doing something you enjoy.vTaht has to be the perfect home business.

Want to know more?

Partnership to Success – Is It For YOU?

One of the simplest ways to create success is to find someone who is successful and copy and learn from them. In a new field of opportunity such as we have now with the internet, there are individuals who have gone on to achieve stellar success. An examination of what they did and how they did it will give insights that can lead others to success by inspiration, information and example. This can be at a distance through books or word of mouth–and as as result, is diluted and second hand. Sometimes one comes upon an opportunity to learn directly from a successful source. Such an opportunity is to be grabbed and utilised to its fullest.

Such an opportunity is available now with John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success program. John has recently opened the doors to his special training program in which he personally takes the members of his program through the steps he followed to achieve his own resounding success on line as an internet marketer, producing his own information products.

John’s story is simple. He worked in a car factory. When the internet came along, he saw that this provided him with the opportunity to get of the trap he was in. He went for it, and worked at it relentlessly till he had changed his life, quit the day job and moved on to a better life.

It took hard work and persistence. It took time. It took self-discipline.
It was fun; it was financially rewarding; it was fulfilling.

Now John helps other people achieve new skills and better lives through on-line training and personal mentoring he provides, one on one and in group situations such as weekly webinars where he takes you behind the scenes in his own on-line business.
He’s been there — so he knows how bad it can be and how good it can get and he can help you.


The Amazon giant is one business opportunity worth exploring as we move forward into another year, it is one that I will explore and will keep you posted about the changes and results.

Amazon is well-named after the giant flow of the river as it is the giant flow of online sales, in all kinds of lines. Putting yourself in the vicinity of the product flow out and income flow could be a giant boost to your own online volume of flow.

There are many approaches from the simplest of affiliates to the full blown international business. Starting small and simple is a good approach. It can build up from a trickle to a river at your own speed.

This can also be the way forward for making money in an interesting way whether just to supplement an existing income or to create a full time opportunity.

It’s a New Year — 2014

As we come to the close of another year, I thought this message from Neil Gaiman was a great way to look at the New Year and how to go about what you will do in the coming year.
It’s not full of high goals or impossible New Year’s resolutions that won’t last past the middle of January. It’s not full of daydreaming fantasy nor depressing perfectionism.
I hope it will encourage you to reach for more and better and when we sit at this place this time next year, you will have had an interesting and worthwhile year.


A day with some family members in the centre of London recently was lots of fun.

After a quick spot of lunch at a French Patisserie, we jumped on one of London’s iconic red buses and headed upstairs. We chuckled with glee like little kids when found front seats up top were empty.  We could get a clear view of the Christmas lights as London gears up for the Christmas festivities.

We passed the BBC headquarters down Regents Street and Oxford Street to Picadilly Circus where we waved to Eros as we headed into Trafalgar Square– the big Norwegian Christmas tree wasn’t up yet. A slight diversion found as at the bank of the river Thames near Big Ben and Houses of Parliament. The Jewish Widows were having their memorial remembrance service and demonstration by the Gurkas on Whitehall had meant the area was closed off to traffic. We paid our respects at the Cenotaph, still covered with poppy wreaths from Remembrance Day earlier in the month and then made our way back up Horseguards Parade where the bearskinned, red-tuniced soldiers still stand on guard, as the traffic finally began to flow again, dusk darkened and Big Ben boomed out. It was incredibly moving listening to Big Ben in the silence before the cars started moving again, imagining that moment of the Remembrance service.

We made our way back up towards Covent Garden, one time site of the famous Covent Garden Flower market, now made upmarket and fashionable, full of brand names and boutique shops. Still has a strong creative spirit with the Royal Opera House dominating the area and a medley of shops, market stalls and vendors beefed up for Christmas with decorated reindeer, roasted chestnut sellers, street artists and mime performers, buskers and tourists all intermingled in a lively colourful multilingual mix of smiling, entranced faces, thrilled by the enchantment of colour, taste, sound and smell of all the variety on offer.
We eventually made our way via Leicester Square over to nearby China town for some authentic Chinese food and a glimpse into a different way of life.
Then it was time for home. A few hours, all within walking distance. It felt like a world tour, time travel through history.

Millionare Marketing Bootcamp

Millionaire Marketing Bootcamp is the name of John Thornhill and Omar Martin’s latest product.
In his own words “This Powerful Life Changing Information is Extremely Limited. 12 of the coolest, most successful Internet Marketers on the planet reveal all their juicy secrets on camera!”
Here’s a chance to learn from such well known and successful marketers as Dr Ben Adkins, a chiropracter who built up his own chiropractic pracice using creative Facebook marketing tactics so successfully he eventually started his own web marketing firm called Thirty3Productions.
Mike Filsaime is another well-known name in the internet marketing world, a creator of software and a also information products, he has gone on to make others in to multimillionaires. Learn from him the top 10 things done by successful online entrepreneurs and use them to create your own success.
E Brian Rose is one of the movers and shakers in the world of internet entrepreneurs. He has much to offer both by way of inspiration on a grand scale as well as down to earth, simple tips and practical advice for the beginner.
Zynnia Jezek has got to be one of the most amazing inspirations. She is a 13 year old girl with a big reach. Zinnia created a campain to fund a family trip to the Awesomeness Fest in Hawaii. She raised $7,000 in 4 days. Inspired by her success, she launched her company called Launchbox where she shows other people how to create their own crowdfunding campaigns.
These are just a few of the speakers you’ll meet on this awesome course. Based on the marketing event hosted by Omar Martin in Orlando, there is a wealth of fascinating information, practical and useable advice and knowledge on this valuable course.


The Fascinating World of Public Domain

For information marketers, there is a whole new world that opens up called the Public Domain which can be explored and used to create new works and products and generate further income streams. For some, this provides a very satisfying, interesting and lucrative way of  life.

It is a world that is full of a fascinating variety of material including images, paintings, all kinds of literature from the high classics, novels and plays, through romance to sci fi, fairy stories, folk tales, real life adventure to dull text books to comic books and even old magazines. It includes music, patents, philosophy.

When the copyright expires on a written work for example, that work passes into the public domain. This means effectively the work passes from being the private property (of the author or creator) so to speak, to become public property. Once this has taken place, the material concerned can then be used to create further new derivative works in multiple various different ways according to the interests and skills of the new user,  it can be reused,  and republished or otherwise reproduced

Let’s look at some examples. A book can be adapted and updated to make it contemporary by simply adding  some new images or changing the text. An old classic tale can be revamped with new material added. A new book can be written around a well known character from already existing book such as Sherlock Holmes.

In the case of images and paintings, they can be photographed or otherwise used and re-interpreted to produce new images. An old wood cut could be used for a print on demand poster. Familiar traditional or other popular  images could be used for a range of greetings cards such as trains, dogs, cats, horses, or printed on T-shirts, towels, mugs and plates, and cloth bags for resale such as well known American Indian images or celtic designs.

An out of print book could be brought back to life and turned in to an ebook to sell on Kindle or as a hard bock or print on demand book on the amazing Amazon or other platforms

There is endless scope and fascination in this field.

Warren Buffet Spills the Beans

Recently picked up a copy “The Snowball”, a book about Warren Buffet, the billionaire. It’s a fascinating read. It tells in a lot of detail how he got to where he is and how he did what he did.

He attributes his success in part to the influence of a book he read by F.C. Minaker called “One Thousand Ways to Make $1,000″.

Now Warren started young. After reading the book at age eleven, he declared he would be a millionaire by the time he was 35. And then promptly set about making it happen, using the insights, advice and inspiration he got from the book. We should note that this was at the time of the Great Depression, which was a far worse financial crisis than the recent recession we have experienced.
There is a wealth of information in this little book. It’s been out of print for a while, but after getting a such a powerful recommendation, you can find it on Amazon as a print-on-demand book.

Well, there’s a very interesting section in Minaker’s book about the history of money and how it came into existence. It’s good to get a grasp of what money is at this time of confusing information and banking skulduggery.

I plan to get this book too. If it’s good enough for Warren Buffet, then it’s good enough for me.

What do you think?


How to Start Your Life on Line

One of the first things you will need to start your life on line is a blog. Sounds easy enough and it will be when you follow these steps.

The best way to start is with a domain name. This is unique to you and you own it, like having your own house or shop front on the world wide web. There are other options such as Blogger which is free through gmail. However, you run the risk of being effect of someone else’s decisions and changes in ways that can’t happen if you own your own space.

There are a number of different places where you can check to see if the domain name you want is already registered or if the name you have chosen is available. Then you can register for your use.  D9 has a good domain checking service. On this site,  you can quickly check out your proposed domain name. They also are a very reliable hosting company with great back up service.

D9 is a company I am happy to recommend because they want to help new users find their feet and be successful. Having been there and done that themselves, they know what it’s like, both the good and the bad. They offer a lot of support to help newcomers to the internet world. I can certainly say that with confidence as I found their support very useful.

So, what to choose for your domain name? The best domain name you can choose to get started is your own name. There is a very simple reason for this. You can bet that as soon as someone starts to become successful, if they haven’t got their name registered, someone else will register that name as a domain name. You don’t want to be facing a struggle or extra expense to be able to get the use of your own name at some point of time in the future. It’s best to keep the domain name as short as possible, something that is easy for people to remember and easy to spell if your name is a bit exotic. A jeweller friend raises another important consideration. There’s another reason to use your name, and that is that people are more likely to remember your name than the name of your website. 

There’s no limit to how many domains you own, so you can always set up other domains relating to a particular subject, interest or activity any time you want. With hosting at D9, you get unlimited hosting for as many domains as you want.

The easiest way to get a website up and running is to use WordPress to start off with. You can get yourself set up within minutes. I’ll go over that in another blog soon.

Hope this helps,




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