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Prioritising Your Focus

While it is one of the most commonly repeated points I’ve come across, that is the guru’s tell you, you need to focus. Recent events have made me look this over from another point of view. What should I be focusing on?

It’s not a one size fits all type of a proposition.

A recent death of a close family member has brought certain things into focus that were not central before but have become so now. Other things faded away.

It’s important to review your priorities from time to time. What you think is important might have changed or might need to change as your point of view changes with life’s sudden events.

Entrepreneurship is a journey. It is a mindset, a lifestyle, and an adventure.

It is a never-ending course of learning that no school on earth could possibly teach. You must live it to understand it.

You must be willing to take a leap down a rabbit hole that leads to a place where everything goes against what the average person believes.

Once inside, you will experience disappointment, failure and, sometimes, even disaster. However, it is a path you must be willing to take if you truly want to experience independence and absolute freedom.

I didn’t write these words. But I found them and they communicated, so I kept them.

2015 is a new year and new chance to make it the best year of adventure, and expansion towards dreams and make illusions in to reality, and the spirit of the above, I am looking forward to it.

I hope you are too. May it be a good year for you.

A Look at Life

Been catching up with family today at a get together to celebrate a 90th birthday in the family.

It was a fascinating glimpse through the generations of people I have known for all my life and some whome i had never met before. The generations change, and cultures and customs too, yet some things are a constant. Family, friends, love, happiness, hardships shared and illnesses endured and survived… or not sometimes.

How do we change with the passing of time, and what brings us back together in the dance of life through the ages?

Can We Learn How To Become Wealthy?

It is one of those fascinating and enduring curiosities: what makes the difference between living a life of wealth and a life of poverty. Is it all down to luck, or the accident of birth, or Fate? Can we do something about it? What could we learn and do to improve on our own personal circumstances?
Many people have researched in depth to come up with useful insights as to what factors can make or break your success. Tom Corley is such a person. He made a 5 year study of the daily activities of233 wealthy people and 128 people living in poverty and he reveals some key points in his No 1 bestselling book “Rich Habits- The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals”. In this book, he identifies over 200 daily activities that in his words, separate the “haves” from the “have nots”.
From his vantage point as a Certified Public Accountant and as an expert in taxation, he comes into contact with a number of wealthy people and has had the opportunity at first hand to familiarise himself in detail with different aspects of their lives as well as having access to facts and figures such as the Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finance.
For example, the top 5% of households in America control 60% of the nation’s wealth according to the Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finance. Yet this same 5% of households pays 57% of all income tax according the Tax Foundation.
Tom also noted that although this top 5% have more income, 67% were frugal in their lifestyle, 64% lived in a modest home 88% were savers and 94% of them balance their checkbook each month.
However, one key difference is that 80% pursued a major goal and 94% engaged in daily self-improvement.
Your DREAMS are important. Taking steps toward them brings happiness, fulfillment and apparently also goes along with becoming wealthy.
Keep your dreams bright and shiny and go for it.


A day with some family members in the centre of London recently was lots of fun.

After a quick spot of lunch at a French Patisserie, we jumped on one of London’s iconic red buses and headed upstairs. We chuckled with glee like little kids when found front seats up top were empty.  We could get a clear view of the Christmas lights as London gears up for the Christmas festivities.

We passed the BBC headquarters down Regents Street and Oxford Street to Picadilly Circus where we waved to Eros as we headed into Trafalgar Square– the big Norwegian Christmas tree wasn’t up yet. A slight diversion found as at the bank of the river Thames near Big Ben and Houses of Parliament. The Jewish Widows were having their memorial remembrance service and demonstration by the Gurkas on Whitehall had meant the area was closed off to traffic. We paid our respects at the Cenotaph, still covered with poppy wreaths from Remembrance Day earlier in the month and then made our way back up Horseguards Parade where the bearskinned, red-tuniced soldiers still stand on guard, as the traffic finally began to flow again, dusk darkened and Big Ben boomed out. It was incredibly moving listening to Big Ben in the silence before the cars started moving again, imagining that moment of the Remembrance service.

We made our way back up towards Covent Garden, one time site of the famous Covent Garden Flower market, now made upmarket and fashionable, full of brand names and boutique shops. Still has a strong creative spirit with the Royal Opera House dominating the area and a medley of shops, market stalls and vendors beefed up for Christmas with decorated reindeer, roasted chestnut sellers, street artists and mime performers, buskers and tourists all intermingled in a lively colourful multilingual mix of smiling, entranced faces, thrilled by the enchantment of colour, taste, sound and smell of all the variety on offer.
We eventually made our way via Leicester Square over to nearby China town for some authentic Chinese food and a glimpse into a different way of life.
Then it was time for home. A few hours, all within walking distance. It felt like a world tour, time travel through history.

Millionare Marketing Bootcamp

Millionaire Marketing Bootcamp is the name of John Thornhill and Omar Martin’s latest product.
In his own words “This Powerful Life Changing Information is Extremely Limited. 12 of the coolest, most successful Internet Marketers on the planet reveal all their juicy secrets on camera!”
Here’s a chance to learn from such well known and successful marketers as Dr Ben Adkins, a chiropracter who built up his own chiropractic pracice using creative Facebook marketing tactics so successfully he eventually started his own web marketing firm called Thirty3Productions.
Mike Filsaime is another well-known name in the internet marketing world, a creator of software and a also information products, he has gone on to make others in to multimillionaires. Learn from him the top 10 things done by successful online entrepreneurs and use them to create your own success.
E Brian Rose is one of the movers and shakers in the world of internet entrepreneurs. He has much to offer both by way of inspiration on a grand scale as well as down to earth, simple tips and practical advice for the beginner.
Zynnia Jezek has got to be one of the most amazing inspirations. She is a 13 year old girl with a big reach. Zinnia created a campain to fund a family trip to the Awesomeness Fest in Hawaii. She raised $7,000 in 4 days. Inspired by her success, she launched her company called Launchbox where she shows other people how to create their own crowdfunding campaigns.
These are just a few of the speakers you’ll meet on this awesome course. Based on the marketing event hosted by Omar Martin in Orlando, there is a wealth of fascinating information, practical and useable advice and knowledge on this valuable course.


WordPress – Important Trademark Info


WordPress is a well known and versatile platform for publishing. There are some restrictions it’s important to know about for the use of the name and words ‘wordpress’. I thought I would copy them here from their own WordPress Foundation site so you can see them easily. WordPress is free, open source and user friendly, we want to keep it that way so we can all continue to use it for many years to come.


“Trademark Policy

The WordPress Foundation owns and oversees the trademarks for the WordPress and WordCamp names and logos. We have developed this trademark usage policy with the following goals in mind:

  1. We’d like to make it easy for anyone to use the WordPress or WordCamp name or logo for community-oriented efforts that help spread and improve WordPress.
  2. We’d like to make it clear how WordPress-related businesses and projects can (and cannot) use the WordPress or WordCamp name and logo.
  3. We’d like to make it hard for anyone to use the WordPress or WordCamp name and logo to unfairly profit from, trick or confuse people who are looking for official WordPress or WordCamp resources.

WordPress Foundation Trademark Usage Policy

Permission from the WordPress Foundation is required to use the WordPress or WordCamp name or logo as part of any project, product, service, domain or company name.

We will grant permission to use the WordPress name and logo for projects that meet the following criteria:

  • The primary purpose of your project is to promote the spread and improvement of the WordPress software.
  • Your project is non-commercial in nature (it can make money to cover its costs or contribute to non-profit entities, but it cannot be run as a for-profit project or business).
  • Your project neither promotes nor is associated with entities that currently fail to comply with the GPL license under which WordPress is distributed.

If your project meets these criteria, you will be permitted to use the WordPress name and logo to promote your project in any way you see fit with one exception: Please do not use WordPress or WordCamp as part of a domain name. Examples of projects in this category are officially recognized WordCamps or international WordPress communities that are dedicated to the translation and distribution of WordPress in their respective countries.

Use of the WordCamp name and logo is additionally allowed in the following situations:

  • You are using the logo on the official site for a WordCamp that has been approved by WordCamp Central.
  • You are using a graphic provided by a WordCamp to promote the event or the fact that you are attending, speaking, volunteering, or sponsoring the event.

All other WordPress-related businesses or projects can use the WordPress name and logo to refer to and explain their services, but they cannot use them as part of a product, project, service, domain, or company name and they cannot use them in any way that suggests an affiliation with or endorsement by the WordPress Foundation or the WordPress open source project. For example, a consulting company can describe its business as “123 Web Services, offering WordPress consulting for small businesses,” but cannot call its business “The WordPress Consulting Company.” Similarly, a business related to WordPress themes can describe itself as “XYZ Themes, the world’s best WordPress themes,” but cannot call itself “The WordPress Theme Portal.”

Similarly, it’s OK to use the WordPress or WordCamp logo as part of a page that describes your products or services, but it is not OK to use it as part of your company or product logo or branding itself. Under no circumstances is it permitted to use WordPress or WordCamp as part of a top-level domain name.

We do not allow the use of the trademark in advertising, including AdSense/AdWords.

Please note that it is not the goal of this policy to limit commercial activity around WordPress. We encourage WordPress-based businesses, and hundreds of them are thriving while in compliance with this policy (Automattic, CrowdFavorite, and StudioPress are a few examples).

The abbreviation “WP” is not covered by the WordPress trademarks and you are free to use it in any way you see fit.

When in doubt about your use of the WordPress or WordCamp name or logo, please contact the Foundation for clarification.”

Christmas: The Time to Prepare is Now

Christmas means Presents and that means Shopping.

Retail therapy for some, dreaded duty for others.

The time to prepare is now. It takes time to prepare and list and promote. From those super organized people who have their Christmas shopping done by the beginning of November, to the person dashing out on Christmas Eve looking desperately for the last minute bargain, the ones who win and profit prepared early.

There are many markets and niches:

1. Parents looking for children’s gifts and toys and Santa Claus stocking fillers.(This is a massive market as Christmas is very much about kids)

2. Hosts and home makers looking for decorations, accessories like catering equipment, christmass lights, packaging, cards and gift wrap, napkins.

3. Women wanting special gifts for boyfriends, partners, husbands.

4. Men looking for gifts for women, wives and girlfriends, daughters and mothers.

5. Women doing shopping for for family members, mothers, friends.

6. People on a tight budget looking quirky, or cheaper items.

7. People looking for luxury Christmas gifts,

8. Corporate and office Christmas and New Year gifts.

9. Environmentally and socially aware people looking for green gifts, fair-trade and eco-friendly items, recycled, vintage and craft gifts.

10. Shoppers.  People even buy for themselves when they get on a shopping roll, including after Christmas splurges with gift money


Andy Murray, Making History, Making a Legend

About 5 years ago, in 2008, I renewed my interest in tennis and found a gangly Scot making his way in to the quarter finals at Wimbledon.  A bit of a nobody at that time, bit of a rough diamond. I thought he had a spark of life that made him worth watching and watch him I did every Wimbledon match possible from them on, believing that one day, he would win Wimbledon. Friends said who? and why? and I just said because he’s a fellow Scot, he’s from the next town, because he’s good!

Last year, Andy got to the finals, but lost to Roger Federer. In a famous understatement, he said with tears in his eyes, “I’m getting closer”.

Watching Andy Murray win Wimbledon this year was a dream come true. His playing was superb, instinctive and brilliant. No one doubted that this year, he earned his titlle and deserved to win.

We know he grew up in Dunblane, a small Scottish town in Scotland, and went to the school where a mad gunman massacred a bunch of 16 unsuspecting kids and their teacher one sunny day. We know how he practised in local tennis clubs until his parents eventually sent him a tennis academy in Spain where he worked hard to learn his craft and build his physical stamina. A knee defect where the bones in one of his knees didn’t join as they should has some times caused him problems as well as pain. Despite this physical problem, he has gone on to win Wimbledon as well as Olympic Gold and Silver medals and other tennis titles.

What is maybe not so well known is he comes from Braveheart country, the part of Scotland where despite overwhelming odds, legendary Scots fought to victory agains the English to win Independence for Scotland. First there was William Wallace, immortalised by Mel Gibson in his film “Braveheart” followed by King Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, who won the final defeat against the English at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

Andy comes from a line of fighting men who don’t give up till they have won and win he most certainly has done!!!

Building Momentum

Perhaps the simplest thing of all is to realise that it is just keeping on going that gets you there in the end. It takes dedication and persistence. Often times it seems pointless. Does anyone read my blog? Did it make any difference in their life? Well, there is one thing it does, and that is it keeps creating an aspect of my business and keeps me focusing on building it up.

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