It has been a year like no other within living memory.

Life as we used to know it has become manipulated by interests far from home and people far from our daily lives, by media who spin a yarn as fantastical as the fairy stories of our childhood, peopled by wicked monsters and invisible dangers that would eat us all up, in a moment, if we dared to breathe or go outside to dance for joy in the sunshine and hug a child or loved one.

In this time of tribulation and stress, people’s thoughts have turned in different directions as they clung to hope and each other, wherever possible, whenever possible, as much as possible

It feels that we are at a turning point.

Some talk about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Some saw significance in the rare conjunction of the Saturn and Jupiter around the time of the solstice, with the moon and Venus in close proximity, a reminder of the Star of Bethlehem, which was said to have shone illuminating the birth of Christ. We need a beacon of hope and life, an uplifting message that inspires our better self and gives a way forward into 2021, where life is victorious, overwhelming the darkness, disorder and dismay of 2020.

As we look forward and move forward, let it be into warmth and friendship of a better year for one and all.