It seemed like a simple thing to do. Such a small change to make. The instructions were straightforward enough. I pressed “click.”. A quick flash. All done.

Suddenly my website couldn’t be accessed. I tried everything I knew. I looked everywhere I could for ways to undo it. But whatever I did, I could find no way to restore it to the way it had been just a minute before. I’ve really done it this time I thought. . Wait, what about the back up I did not long ago.

It appears there was no back up to be found.

This was turning into my worst nightmare. And now the afternoon was nearly over. This can’t go over until tomorrow, I thought. What to do now?

D9 Support came to the rescue, quickly and effectively and calmly. And shortly, all was back to normal in working operation again.

I have to say, D9 are looking after me well.