In Britain we are coming up to the week-end of celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Lots of decorations are going up and plans for parties and celebrations up and down the country and a public holiday for all next week.

At a time of financial uncertainty such as we have now with bad news blasts about world economies hitting out at us from television at meal times, it is interesting to look back at a Britain at the time of the Queen’s coronation, in 1953. Britain was still recovering from the hardships and privations of war. At the time, the BBC televising  the  Coronation of the Queen at Westminster Abbey and broadcasting it to the nation,  was an extraordinary breakthrough of modern. One million TV sets were specially bought for the occasion so ordinary people could gather together with friends and watch the ceremony at the Abbey in homes up and down the country. Twenty million were reported to have watched it then. 

 How times have changed and how much we have moved on from that moment.

With the development of the computer and internet, new posssiblities are available to us that were beyond dreams then.  And with that comes the possibility to take control over your own finances and crown your own personal future with success. Here’s wishing the goodwil and high spirit of the Diamond Jubilee to all up and down the country and a throughout the Commonwealth and a many more years to the Queen.