Entrepreneurship is a journey. It is a mindset, a lifestyle, and an adventure.

It is a never-ending course of learning that no school on earth could possibly teach. You must live it to understand it.

You must be willing to take a leap down a rabbit hole that leads to a place where everything goes against what the average person believes.

Once inside, you will experience disappointment, failure and, sometimes, even disaster. However, it is a path you must be willing to take if you truly want to experience independence and absolute freedom.

I didn’t write these words. But I found them and they communicated, so I kept them.

2015 is a new year and new chance to make it the best year of adventure, and expansion towards dreams and make illusions in to reality, and the spirit of the above, I am looking forward to it.

I hope you are too. May it be a good year for you.