There are a lot of things being said about the economy, about recession and finance, personal, national and global.

No matter what the “experts” try to tell us, there are some fundamental things you can rely on which don’t change. It’s not a question of fashion or whether you follow one brand of economics or another or which political party you belong to, it’s just practical laws of life, no matter what any one says.  These are simple things like  income must be greater than an outgo. For any individual or group to survive, it has to give good exchange with the people around it. The more and the better the quantity and quality of the exchange, the better things will be.

We don’t make money. Only the Mint “makes money” when it stamps coins and prints notes. What we can be sure of is the more money it  “makes”,  if the amount of goods and service available to consumers stays the same, the greater the amount inflation will be

We give value and service and deliver products . How good we are at doing this depends on how creative we are,  how well we think and then follow through and act. Sometimes there’s a gap in between the moment when we think and the time when we act. Sometimes we need to learn how to do something first before we can deliver a service or create a product, and it might not be as short as we’d hoped…. and so we are going forward on a promise and hope of a dream. Better that than no hope of something better and doing nothing to make it change for the better.

There is something we can be sure of. If we try to help people and we  do and produce things that will help them, we’ll be of  more value, more use to others and to ourselves, and that will help us all to survive.   Money and goods will flow and move and we can breathe some life into it. Sometimes, it seems to me that’s what internet marketing is about.

What do you think?