After a glorious spectacle of British life through the centuries, we are now full swing into the Olympics.

A high note of the Opening Ceremony was the introduction of the latest Bond girl when the Queen, accompanied to the Games by James Bond, parachuted in to the stadium to delighted applause. A humorous touch that caught the eye of the world as billions watched the Opening Ceremony. How she managed to keep a dead pan straight face as she made her entrance was a gold medal performance all of its own.

An inspiring message to all comes out of the Games, a message of endurance, focus, persistence, dedication, fair play and good sportmanship. Playing the game is important, not just the winning. When there is so much noise and misery pushed in our faces day after day by the press, forwarding the message of those who would not see people well and happy, it is wonderful to see so many individuals put forward their best selves, respect and admire their competitors and their achievements, and celebrate victory as they overcome the obstacles to their success.

We couldn’t compete with Beijing with its dramatic Opening Ceremony to the last Olympic Games, so we didn’t. We had our own uniquely British presentation and we certainly did ourselves proud on the world stage with a real showcase presentation about British life, our country, our outstanding contributions to the world and the eccentric British take on life. For a small country, we surely pack a big punch of influence. It makes me be proud to be British

Good to see Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the World Wide Web was included, without whom we would not have this opportunity as Internet Marketers to create our own businesses and unique way of life.

Nice to think of the World Wide Web as “Made in Britain!”