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Working through John Thornhill’s training program is really empowering. He has obviously put a lot of thought into it, combined with his own experience of learning how to function as an internet marketer himself. So when you go through the program, it is not like some theoretical knowledge that someone copied from someone else. You know that John has been there, done that, found what worked and got results, run into that situation and made that mistake, so he knows what to advise you. It is good to hear him saying things like:  Do this…. that’s all we are going to get into right now, because it will get too complicated. We’re going to come back to it later and I will explain it then in more detail. That’s completely fine with me. I’m quite happy to go on a less-is-more kind of basis. Because I’ve been on the alternative basis. All that happened was a big dead end. I’m talking about programs where it was too much before I even got started. I am sure you can relate to that too. Times when you’ve tried to do a course, listened to webinars or even bought the materials –where the person was telling you how to do something. They might even have thought what they were doing was simple — after all it was for them —  but it was already so over your head and delivered so fast, that you just didn’t get off the starting block and just stared blankly at the screen, head reeling.

For that reason, I think the thing I like the best is the really short videos. It makes it really easy to start and stop what you are doing. It makes it worthwhile even if I only have 20-30 mins available  to work on the program, to turn my laptop on, do a bit of work on the program to try to do the next step. Because I can quickly find the next step I need to take and just do it. If something doesn’t quite work out then it is not so-far-so-fast,  my head is spinning in confusion, and it all became a big plate of spaghetti that I just fell unconscious into. And when it doesn’t quite work out, and I have to stop for a bit and figure it out, then I feel really proud of myself for being able to figure it out, and get the result I was after. There is something really reassuring about a short video which you can play over and over again as needed, watching the screen shots in 30 second blasts as you go along step by step with each key stroke that John makes.

The other thing that I like about the program is that John has obviously worked with different people over the years. He knows who he has found to be reliable, consistent and deliver the product. Obviously, he is going to recommend those people. Some of them are people who have worked in his business, some even were past students. So for someone who doesn’t already have certain things in place, you can save a lot of time, hardship and disappointments by going to the same people. They know how John’s programs work,  which of course is an advantage. For you, though, there is the advantage of knowing that you will get a good service without having to waste more time finding out who to go to, who’s going to give you a good price, who’s actually able deliver you the product or service you need. It’s a two way street. I like that I can have confidence and trust the people he recommends. In turn,  I am happy to recommend them to others.


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