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The first lesson I’ve learned is the importance of intention and focus.

What started out with high purpose and huge enthusiasm quickly morphed into a back page message somewhere in the depths of my inbox. Before I knew it, Week 6 of John’s training program had just popped into my inbox. Week 6! I was barely started into Week 1. Where did that come from? And I thought I was moving, making progress, feeling good… Well, not exactly. No, not really. Not at all, in fact. Face the fact.

The first real lesson. It’s not one on the checklist John sends out every week with his lessons to his students on his Partnership to Success program. But this is fundamental stuff, make it or break it on anything, not just internet marketing, really the first barrier to progress and success..

I took a deep breath. Then I had to take a real good look. What happened? All that busyness I’d been busy on, all those little and big things that came up, and “important” things I’d needed to do. You know. Feed the cat, walk the dog, call my friend, go to the dentist, child’s school-do, the bank, the shops, go to work, pay the bills…All added up to time lost that could never be spent again. You could live a whole life like that.

Well it was time to sort out what my intention was and put some focus on that. Ignore everything else. Sweep it to one side for now.

One step in 6 weeks became 6 steps in one week. What a difference.

A real sense of achievement followed as I actually got things done, and pride too. Two lessons learned, I’d say.

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